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For many years I have been struggling with automatic pool cleaners that have not worked. Whether they have been unbalanced and wobbled about the pool without cleaning, or have not  been able to get to all parts of the pool, they have not done the job. Often I have had to get into the pool and 'guide' them to areas they did not clean. NOT very automatic I would say!!

About 6 months ago I was introduced to the Voyager Automatic Pool Cleaner from Integrated Pool Products. What a life saver! I installed it in a couple of minutes. Thank goodness it required no fiddly hose weights as it is self balancing. The best of all is it has not stopped working every inch of the pool since then.

Well done to all the folks at Integrated Pool Products for a product well designed and manufactured. I highly recommend this marvellous pool cleaner to all pool owners for hassle-free pool cleaning."

December 2010


Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently purchased the Voyager combi pack, my pool had, for various reasons, been sorely neglected for a considerable period & literally had mats of debris & algae lying across the bottom, within 1 day the Voyager had completely cleared the pool (admittedly with frequent emptying of the trap basket) & one week later my pool is back to the sparkling joy that it should have been.I don't write testimonials but I thought, in this instance, that I needed to offer my sincere thanks.

Keith Mears